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Nitrazepam is a medication which is popularly used to treat insomnia. It belongs to the benzodiazepine family of sleeping tablets and its sedative properties enable patients to easily relax. The nitrazepam tablet is known by its brand name Mogadon and shows rapid results as an insomnia treatment.

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What is Nitrazepam (Mogadon)?

Nitrazepam is a medication which is widely prescribed for the short-term treatment of insomnia and other sleep disorders. It belongs to the benzodiazepine family of medicines and its sedative effects help patients to relieve stress and relax more easily.

In the late 1950s, chlordiazepoxide (Librium) was the first benzodiazepine to be developed and was marketed for the treatment of anxiety early in the 1960s. This particular benzodiazepine tablet is a refined version of the original medication, and was designed to treat sleeping disorders in 1972 under the brand name Mogadon.

As with all benzodiazepine medicines, experts aren't exactly sure how it works, most scientists think its effects are due to the drug's ability to boost the calming chemicals in the brain known as gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptors.

Today there is a whole range of benzos available, and the two main differences between this variety is the length of time they are active in the body. This is measured by the half-life of each drug.

Short-acting benzodiazepines have a short half-life, which means they are processed more quickly and leave your body faster. Short-acting drugs have a greater risk of withdrawal symptoms because the body has less time to adjust itself to working without the drug.

Long-acting benzos have a long half-life, so the drugs are pass through the patient's system at a slower rate and take more time to leave the body. Patients are more likely to experience a hangover effect, but there is a reduced likelihood of experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

After nearly fifty years of medical use, this long acting benzodiazepine has been proven to have; sedative, anxiolytic, anticonvulsant and muscle relaxant effects, and millions of insomnia sufferers have benefited because it shortens the time taken to fall asleep and increases the duration of sleep.

This medicine should only be used in adults and the elderly for the short-term treatment of insomnia.

What is Nitrazepam?

When to Use Nitrazepam 5 mg / 10 mg?

Population-based studies have shown insomnia to be a far more common condition than most people would think, and it is estimated that around 16 million of adults in the UK suffer from insomnia or other sleeping disorders.

Insomnia is defined as a recurring difficulty with; falling asleep, frequent awakenings during the, and early-morning awakening, despite having ample time and opportunity, and results in some form of reduced daytime functioning.

Sleep deprivation can lead to various daytime problems such as; a lack of energy, depression, inability to concentrate and reduced awareness. The results of which can have a huge impact on peoples' lives. Nitrazepam is prescribed for the treatment of insomnia that is causing patients to experience high levels of distress.

Over the many years since its first introduction, this nitrazepam has proved to be beneficial in the treatment of sleep onset insomnia. This disorder effects people who go to bed at a normal time but cannot sleep regardless of how tired they may be feeling.

Clinical studies have also shown that nitrazepam is beneficial in the treatment of sleep maintenance insomnia, which is a condition that is often found to be the result of extreme stress and anxiety, and is typified by waking up during sleep, or waking too early with difficulty returning to sleep.

The usual symptoms of anxiety that produce insomnia include:

  • Feeling anxious that the lack of sleep will impact the following day's activities.
  • Endlessly worrying about situations that may occur in the future.
  • Stressing about past events and the effects they may have on the future.

Doctors generally agree that, if it takes someone longer than 30 minutes to fall asleep on a regular basis, that person could be suffering from sleep onset insomnia. This condition may be the result of poor sleep hygiene. Sleep hygiene is not about the need to shower before going to bed, it refers to developing a routine that will help you have a good night's sleep.  

Some recommended sleep hygiene practices include:

  • Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule - sleeping at irregular times each night disrupts the body's natural sleep cycle.
  • Daytime naps should be limited to half an hour - "power-naps" have been shown to improve productivity and alertness, but napping for longer than half an hour can make it difficult to sleep at night.
  • Exercise enhances the quality of sleep - depending on age and ability, any form of moderate-intensity exercise can significantly improve sleep quality.

Thanks to developments in modern science and medicine, sleeping pills like nitrazepam can help put an end to sleepless nights, and sufferers can get the kind of restful sleep everyone needs.

How does Nitrazepam work

Nitrazepam Dosage Instructions

To prevent unwanted side effects, it is always recommended that patients start on the lowest effective dose. This also helps patients find an appropriate dose that suits their needs.

Different individuals have different responses to medications. Therefore, we advise that patients use a "start low, go slow" strategy when starting a course of treatment. This method is particularly useful for elderly and younger patients due to the physical changes during these stages of life.

Adults: The normal recommended starting dose is 5 mg.

  • this medication is to be taken orally and swallowed whole with water.
  • It may be taken with or without food, but must be before bedtime.
  • This medication should not be chewed, crushed or dissolved in liquid

Patients should not use this medication if they have less than 7 to 8 hours to sleep, because less than will increase the risk of daytime drowsiness, and have an adverse effect on concentration. To improve insomnia symptoms, it is recommended that the duration of treatment should be as short as possible, and is not extended to more than four weeks unless directed by your doctor.

Nitrazepam 10 mg is not usually used for more than 7 to 10 days when treating insomnia. Long-term use can cause the medication to build up in your body, increase the risk of side effects, and may cause dependence.

Insomnia can return (rebound insomnia), and may become worse if the patient suddenly stops taking this medication. Elderly patients and those with liver or kidney problems are recommended to only take 2. 5 to 5 mg, and should not exceed the recommended dose in 24 hours.

If a doctor has prescribed this medication to be taken each night and the patient forgets to take a dose, they should not take a double dose to make up for it.

Nitrazepam Dosage

How to Take Nitrazepam 10 mg

People who buy nitrazepam online in the UK should always read the product leaflet, but here are some simple instructions to help sufferers get the best results when using this treatment:

  • Place the tablet above the tongue, and swallow the tablet whole with some liquid like water and do not crush, break or bite the tablet in any way.
  • If the patient wakes up during the night, we strongly advise that they do not take a second dose as this can lead to daytime sleepiness.
  • Patients should take this medication as and when needed, the majority of patients find that they do not need it every night
  • Take the medicine just before going to bed, and make sure that you can sleep without interruptions for 7 to 8 hours after taking the tablets.

If taken for more than four weeks, Nitrazepam tablets can become less effective. If a patient believes that the medication is no longer effective, or the insomnia does not improve, they should consult their doctor.

If you live in the UK and your doctor has prescribed nitrazepam to reduce the severity of your sleeplessness, you may have discovered that buying branded Mogadon from a high street pharmacy can be more expensive than expected. Our online pharmacy offers equally effective generic treatments at a much lower price, and gives you the opportunity to buy nitrazepam from the comfort of your own home.

When you buy nitrazepam online from our UK website, our discreet service will send a courier to deliver your medication directly to your most preferred residential address for a small shipping fee.

Nitrazepam Side Effects and Precautions

Along with the desired effects, most medicines can cause unwanted side-effects. Although not everyone experiences them. The list below includes some of the more common side effects associated with this sleep medication.

Common nitrazepam side effects: Drowsiness, dizziness, light-headedness, fatigue, or loss of coordination

Less common nitrazepam side effects: Headache, stomach upset, mental confusion, diarrhoea, nausea, or vomiting rarely occur.

If any of these effects linger or become worse, please inform your doctor.

Precautions: It is not recommended to take this medication during pregnancy, as it can harm the unborn baby. Nitrazepam can be passed on to babies through breast milk; do not breastfeed while you are taking this medicine.

It can cause patients to feel sleepy during the day, or reduce the ability to concentrate. Do not drive until you feel fully awake and alert. Patients are not recommended to combine this medication with alcohol, other sedatives, or pills for pain relief. Doing so can reduce the activity of Nitrazepam and increase the risk of unwanted side effects.

This sedative medication should not give to children under the age of 18 years. Although this sleep aid has helped countless patients over many years, there are some specific occasions where the use of nitrazepam is not recommended.

Nitrazepam tablets are not advised if you have the following conditions:

  • Sleep apnea - a temporary stopping of breathing while sleeping
  • Severe lung, liver, kidney, and brain diseases
  • Patients who have an allergy to nitrazepam or any other ingredient that is contained in the medicine or if you are already taking similar medication
  • Myasthenia gravis - disorder of the immune system that causes muscle weakness
  • Porphyria - disorders of the skin or nervous system

Before starting any new course of medicine, we strongly recommend that patients consult a doctor if they suspect having any of these conditions.

Nitrazepam side effects

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Nitrazepam FAQ

1. How does Nitrazepam work in the body?

Nitrazepam is part of the benzodiazepine group of meds. This medication affects the central benzodiazepine receptors which are linked to inhibitory GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) receptors. GABA is the brain's major neurotransmitter and it is in charge of somnolence, which is the strong desire to sleep or sleepiness/drowsiness. The increase GABA binding action caused by nitrazepam, essentially helps patients fall sleep and overcome insomnia.

2. What is this medication used for?

This medication is used to combat insomnia (difficulty sleeping). The anticonvulsant and sedative properties which the tablet contains also helps combat conditions such as anxiety and epilepsy.

3. How long does the medications effects last for?

This medication usually stays effective for 6 to 8 hours, allowing a patient to benefit from healthy restorative sleep.

4. Will the medication affect my fertility in any way?

No, there is no evidence that suggests nitrazepam decreases the chances of reproduction.

5. Can this medication be taken with alcohol or alcohol-based products?

It is strongly advised that patients do not take this treatment with any alcohol / alcohol-based products in their system. This can lead to unpredictable effects such as increased sedation.