What is Zolpidem?

What is Zolpidem?

Zolpidem can be found under many trade names, but it is most commonly known as Ambien sleeping tablets. This medication has been used in UK since 1988 and was marketed by the pharmaceutical company, Synthelabo. Collaboration between Synthelabo and Searle then saw the therapeutic marketed for medical use, in the United States, four years later.

This pharmaceutical is classified as a sedative, as it slows down brain activity, and a hypnotic, as it induces sleep. It is available in immediate-release and extended-release formulations. The strengths of the medication range from 5 mg to 10 mg and these pills may be administered in the conventional manner.

Immediate-release tablets are formulations that disintegrate quickly, so that the medicaments may be released swiftly and the therapeutic benefits experienced within a short time after ingestion. The extended-release forms of this sleeping pill release the active ingredient slower than the fast-acting formulation, so that the effects may be sustained over a prolonged period of time.

Zolpidem 10 mg is one of the most commonly used sleep medicines. It is recorded according to literary backed sources that more than ten million prescriptions were filled for these tablets in one given year in the U.S. The numbers are increasingly mesmerising in other developed and even developing nations in UK and across the planet. The efficacy of zolpidem tablets is one of the many reasons which make the therapeutic popular amongst those who experience sleep disturbances.

What is Zolpidem Used To Treat?

  • This sedative-hypnotic is intended for the short-term treatment of sleep disorders, such as insomnia. Treatment with these sleeping pills should only last for up to six weeks. When used for longer than the recommended extent of time, your body can become dependent on the medication.
  • The cumulative effects of sleep loss may be associated with a vast array of health consequences, like depression and obesity. Zolpidem 10 mg can be helpful in assisting you sleep longer at night, reducing your nightly awakenings as well as improving time to sleep onset.
  • The lower dose versions of these tablets may be used for middle-of-the-night awakenings, provided that the user has sufficient time to dedicate to sleep before they have to awaken in the morning. Frequent disturbances during the night are typical for the sleep disorder, insomnia, and a suitable zolpidem dosage can offer sustained assistance for this issue.
  • The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is a body of the Department of Health in England. This sleep research society recommends zolpidem 10 mg as a second-line treatment for insomnia. The United States Air force also uses this hypnotic to ensure the mission readiness of their aviators and other special duty employees.
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Is Zolpidem a Benzodiazepine?

This therapeutic falls into the category of non-benzodiazepines. They are colloquially known as "Z-drugs" as their names often begin with the letter "Z", and remain the subject of many studies that continue to reveal their efficacy.

Non-benzodiazepines differ from benzodiazepines on a molecular level, which means that they have entirely dissimilar chemical structures. The pharmacodynamics of these classes of medication are, however, related on some level. This similarity indicates that these classes of therapeutics exhibit interchangeable effects, adverse effects and potential risks.

Benzodiazepines were originally created as an alternative to barbiturates, because they have better safety profiles. However, the invention of non-benzodiazepines, as a newer class of sedatives, proved to be an even safer pharmacological treatment.

There is scientific data, which suggests that tolerance is slower to develop when using non-benzodiazepines than when using benzodiazepine sleep tablets. Furthermore, some "Z-drugs" may be associated with fewer side effects compared to other classes of sedatives.

In 2012, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of Intermezzo (a brand of zolpidem tablets) for the management of sleep disturbances, specifically middle-of-the-night awakenings - albeit in low dosages, so as to avoid the possibility of next-day sedation. Residual sedative effects can be dangerous as it may affect your ability to perform activities that require mental alertness.

Zolpidem Active Ingredient

The active ingredient of this sedative is zolpidem tartrate.

  • An active ingredient is the substance that brings about the therapeutic effects of a medication and can comprise of single or multiple components. Active pharmaceutical agents are the main components of a therapeutic and differ from inactive ingredients in that they are essential for the medication to function.
  • The abovementioned active ingredient potentiates the effects of the neurotransmitter, GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid). GABA is responsible for blocking the impulses between the brain and nerve cells, which is the principal role in decreasing neuron excitability.
  • When the inhibitory effects of GABA are enhanced, relaxation and calmness are subsequently experienced. This allows for the muscles of the body to be relaxed and the hypnotic effects of the medication to come forth.
  • For a therapeutic to be effective, a proper amount of the active ingredient is to be administered. If there is too less of the active ingredient, the benefits of the medication may not be experienced in its full extent or at all. On the other hand, too much of the main component of a sedative can result in more pronounced side effects. To ensure optimum efficacy of the sedative as well as avoid zolpidem side effects, an appropriate dosage of the hypnotic is required.
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Is Ambien the Same As Zolpidem?

Ambien sleeping pills contain the main ingredient, zolpidem tartrate, which is the same active ingredient as the generic version of this medication, known as simply as zolpidem or Ambien generic. The generic formulations of this sedative became available in 2007 and, since then, are used by many people for the following reasons:

  • They contain the same active ingredient as the branded versions of the sedative barring some inactive ingredients
  • They are more cost effective than the original brands
  • They bring about the same therapeutic benefits as their counterpart brand-name hypnotics
  • They are also FDA-approved, much like the original branded-versions

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