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Best Selling Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatments in the UK

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    Lovegra 100mg

    Lovegra 100mg

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    Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) refers to something that could disrupt at least one of the phases of the sexual response cycle, preventing sex from being satisfying. Most FSDs fall under one of 4 primary categories, orgasmic, arousal, desire, or pain dysfunctions. Thankfully there are now a number of medications available that have specifically developed to treat these conditions and improve female sexual health.

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    Lovegra Oral Jelly

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    Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) is a recognised condition, women across the globe are experiencing in a number of different ways. There are 4 different types of FSD that are generally recognised. The four types are dyspareunia (sexual pain disorder), Anorgasmia, the inability to reach orgasm during sex, Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) is recognised as a lack of sexual desire or low libido and finally Sexual Arousal Disorder (SAD), which is the difficulty in becoming aroused.

What is Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction generally refers to a problem occurring during the sexual response cycle. It can have several causes, from something as simple as fatigue preventing you from being in the mood to more severe ones like heart disease. As such, in most cases of female sexual dysfunction, patients can relax, knowing it is likely temporary and will disappear once the underlying cause is gone.

The first stage of the sexual response cycle is excitement, where the heart rate quickens, allowing blood to rush to the genitals and produce lubricant. Plateau, the second phase, is an intensified version of the first, lasting until the brink of orgasm, which is the third phase. The final stage is called resolution, the slow return to normal. The female sexual dysfunctions that cause a problem during the phases generally fall under 1 of four primary categories, touch-related vaginal pain, desire, arousal, and orgasmic disorders.

The pain disorder refers to dyspareunia, which can vary from pain from any contact to pain forming purely during penetration. Female sexual arousal disorder (FSAD) prevents women from being able to become aroused, even while the desire is present. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) is the most common female sexual dysfunction, preventing women from feeling a desire for sex, or fantasising about sex. The orgasmic disorder is called anorgasmia, making it difficult for women to reach orgasm even after ample stimulation.

What Causes Female Sexual Dysfunction

A healthy blood flow is essential for general health and plays a massive role in the sexual response cycle. Anything that could cause poor blood circulation could likely cause female sexual dysfunction. Examples of conditions that could cause poor blood circulation include diabetes, which makes fatty deposits in the blood vessels, atherosclerosis, narrowing blood vessels and arteries, and heart conditions.

In these cases, the patient will likely need a medical solution to help them overcome their female sexual dysfunction. However, if women find that their female sexual dysfunction appears during times of high stress, depression, or a fight with their significant other, there is nothing to worry about. Although medicine would still be effective in these cases, the patient could practise natural solutions to overcome it.

We recommend practising natural solutions regardless of the cause of your condition, even if you intend to use a female sexual dysfunction treatment. By exercising regularly, drinking plenty of water and looking after their mental health, patients can improve their cardiovascular health and reduce stress significantly, improving blood flow while reducing factors that could stifle their mood.

Types of Female Sexual Dysfunction Medications

For most cases of female sexual dysfunction, we recommend a medicine made with a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor as its active ingredient. The PDE5 inhibitors were popularised several years ago for their effects on erectile dysfunction. It was later discovered that the boosted blood flow caused by them was equally effective for female sexual dysfunction.

The medicines we stock that contain PDE5 inhibitors include treatments like Lovegra 100mg, which contains sildenafil, the most popular in the medical group. Improving blood flow to the genitals when the users become aroused increases lubrication, sensitivity, and orgasmic function. Although these effects may not directly assist certain cases of HSDD and dyspareunia, most users find the condition far more manageable even if it does not entirely treat it.

Patients with HSDD can use our flibanserin-based medicine, Addyi, in parallel with our PDE5 inhibitors or on its own. The treatments do not interact, allowing users to get the immediate relief caused by the PDE5 inhibitor while slowly attaining the full, long-lasting benefits from Addyi. Flibanserin assists users by correcting the chemical imbalance in their brain, helping patients to re-attain their ability to fantasise.

How Do Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatments Work?

The PDE5 inhibitors function by, as the name indicates, inhibiting the function of the PDE5 enzyme. This affects the smooth muscles found in the arteries and blood vessels by relaxing them. The blood vessels will dilate as they relax, allowing more blood to pass through them and improving overall blood circulation. As a result, when the user becomes aroused, blood will rush to the genitals more easily.

Among the PDE5 inhibitors, several ingredients are used in female sexual dysfunction treatments. The 2 most popular members of this medicine group are sildenafil, known for being the active ingredient used in Viagra, and tadalafil, the most popular PDE5 inhibitor because of its incredible active duration. Although the treatments are fantastic in regards to boosting the function of the sexual organs, they do not induce arousal and only improve upon whatever arousal is currently felt.

In addition to poor blood flow, HSDD is commonly caused by a chemical imbalance related to anxiety, depression, or several other things. Flibanserin corrects this by gradually raising dopamine and norepinephrine levels in the brain while slightly dropping serotonin levels. This means that by using both treatments to tackle the condition from two fronts, users will notice a massive change in their desire for sex.

How Long Do Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatments Last?

Each of the female sexual dysfunction medications mentioned above has a unique duration based on the active ingredient. In the case of using sildenafil, users will experience the peak effects from the medicine for about 4 to 6 hours before the effects slowly diminish until the benefits can no longer be felt. As the treatment requires 24 hours to wholly leave the system, users should still feel some effects well after the peak hours pass.

However, if you want a female sexual dysfunction treatment with these effects but with a longer duration, tadalafil that lasts for 36 hours may be a better suit for you. Because of the massive difference in duration, many of our clients buy our sildenafil for general use during the week while getting tadalafil for holidays, weekends, and other occasions.

On the other hand, flibanserin is an entirely different genre of female sexual dysfunction treatment. Users need to take it daily, and it can take up to 4 weeks for any results to be felt. If users feel no different after 8 weeks, it may not be their ideal medicine. Nevertheless, when the effects appear, they have been reported to last for at least 18 months with ongoing use.

Do Female Sexual Dysfunction Medications Have Side Effects?

Different treatments for female sexual dysfunction have the possibility of causing side effects. The side effects result from their active ingredient, which is why medicines like Lovegra Oral Jelly and Viagra would induce the same effects, but they would be different from flibanserin-based treatments. Some of the most common side effects users could experience from PDE5 inhibitors include:

  • Headaches
  • Stuffy nose
  • Flushing

The most common side effects related to Addyi include:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Tiredness
  • Dry mouth

In most cases, the side effects of our female sexual dysfunction treatments are very well-tolerated, as that is one of the basic requirements for FDA approval. Still, they can be overwhelming when using a dose too potent for your body. If the side effects are strong enough to be of concern, it may be in your best interest to try a weaker dose, or a different treatment. In the worst-case scenario, severe side effects could form because of medical interaction. Be sure to read the patient information leaflet of the treatment to learn which medicines should be avoided while using it.

Are Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatments Safe?

Yes, at least every female sexual dysfunction treatment found on our website was licensed and approved by the FDA, like Addyi, or part of their generic drug programme. As such, they were all thoroughly tested and judged to be up to the FDA safety and effectiveness standards before receiving approval.

Generic medicines are treatments made using the formula or an already existing brand name medication but are sold under a new name and price. Examples of this would be Lovegra which uses the formula developed by Pfizer for Viagra. For a generic medicine to exist legally, they need to wait for the patent on the original to expire, and once that happens, the FDA can test to see if the treatment in question is as good as its FDA-approved branded original.

Even though our female sexual dysfunction treatments are perfectly safe for healthy adults, they may not be suited for everyone. In some cases, users can be allergic to the contents of the medicine or have a pre-existing medical condition that can be aggravated by the effects of the treatment. As these incidents could result in severe side effects, we recommend consulting your doctor before buying the medicine.

High Street Vs Online Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatments

Unlike the high-street pharmacies that require patients to get a prescription before purchasing any of their female sexual dysfunction treatments, we offer it without requiring any documentation. We even offer several convenient services, like a doorstep delivery to whichever address you provide. UK-to-UK deliveries take 2 to 4 working days.

Additionally, we package all female sexual dysfunction medicines in discreet unlabelled packaging before sending them out with our partnered courier company to safeguard client confidentiality. We even use a discreet descriptor name that will appear on your bank statement, emails, and delivery waybill to ensure that nobody has any way to find out that you purchased a female sexual dysfunction medication.

When and Where to Buy Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatments

Purchasing one of these female sexual dysfunction treatments is as simple as clicking on whichever one interests you on the homepage, selecting how many you want, and adding it to your cart. You will receive a discount proportional to the amount you buy because of our bulk purchase discount system to help clients get even better rates on our affordable medications.

Once you are done shopping for your female sexual dysfunction treatment, head to the checkout page where you can complete your purchase by paying with either MasterCard, Visa, bank transfers or Bitcoin. We will then send you an email with the estimated delivery date and any other information you may require if you need to inquire regarding the whereabouts of your female sexual dysfunction treatment later.

These services are also not exclusive to our female sexual dysfunction medicine. They are available on everything we offer, from painkillers to anxiety medication, nootropics, or even sleeping pills. All clients need to do is place their order, while we handle the rest, having their treatment delivered to their front door. Our 24/7 customer support centre is always ready to help, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Place an order for your female sexual dysfunction medication today at cheapsleepingtablets.net, and revitalise your love life by enjoying sex once again.

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